The Gift Rings On…


large in quantity; abundant.

This magnanimous, bountiful love laid low, unsparing, unselfish, giving all is here.  And in the winter grey and dim, hope lights the heart for birds are singing spring is coming! Resurrection arrives and redemption appears.  Immanuel, the Holy One is born.  And in the dark, unseen, something inside is being reborn, renewed.

Fire lit, cups warm, cookies brimming and then this… dulcimer notes lilting through the air! This Ukrainian carol “Shchedryk” now known as “Carol of the Bells” filling the room, filling hearts. She announces it, this kindred friend traveling the miles to be near, how this song sung high and low world wide is from the place she calls home. And we unearth the story behind the hymn never knowing it’s original version is about lavish blessings greeting the year and I think of the greatest gift given and how easy it is to forget after all the presents are opened. How is it that I cease to remember so quickly when all I have, all I am, all I will ever be only comes from the source of Life, Joy, Peace? I pause this heart bursting with bells ringing OUR SAVIOR HAS COME!


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