Heaven’s Harp

There she blew in…this lady with a harp in the middle of medical crisis’ amid the hospital flurry of nurses and doctors and everything in between.  And for us, the musicians with troubled children and a lung of mine filled with pain, we caught smiles and knew that this was a breath of heaven; the hidden gift of the day. I knew it would be found if only we looked, so on the rush to the place where God works miracles through hands and feet made of flesh and bone with stethoscopes hanging ’round necks, we kept our eyes peeled for reminders that God was in this, he is with us, the great I AM, for isn’t every fear a result of forgetting that he is present? Only never in a million years did we expect it would be a harp (*God the best gift giver…always surprising, always knowing just what we need*), or a lady who loved kids heading to the cancer ward to play for souls on the brink of life and death, who drew near to us instead and stayed and played and gave mini lessons to small fingers. And this mother’s heart brimmed as I saw those around begin to breathe easier and laugh and dare to try something new and I thought about Saul in the Bible who called for harps when he was filled with anxiety and I nod knowing why.  My name was called, paperwork filled out, pictures of lungs taken…the same lungs that the Maker of life breathed air into several decades ago that I am in this moment desperately clinging to for each breath in and out, and as I find my way back to my seat, wafting through the air the harpist plays a song of the ages:

Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart; Naught be all else to me, save that thou art; Thou my best thought by day or by night, waking or sleeping thy presence my light.

My soul lifts, a bounce returns to the step and I find my heart saying yes, yes to all he has for me in this journey for his presence is my light, lighting the way for all my todays and tomorrows. I breathe deep air and I smile for this time the pain is gone.


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