For when the days are long…

Today I get it even though most others I forget amid all the crazy chaos and I nod remembering what someone wise once said

“the days are long but the years are short.”

And these three I’ve born and carried, caressed and consoled sit across from me with happy meals in hand and this heart couldn’t beat any faster because I know it’s just a matter of time before all this will be gone and they will have slipped through my fingers like sand and the home we nested to spread their wings into the wide unknown and I don’t want to miss a moment. It’s been a blur really this coming of age, so much of it shadowed by illness and days of defeat, but it’s been days like today….rainbows sprinkling hope that says

 I will repay you for the years
that the swarming locust ate,
the young locust, the destroying locust,
and the devouring locust—
My great army that I sent against you.
You will have plenty to eat and be satisfied.
You will praise the name of Yahweh your God,
who has dealt wondrously with you. Joel 2:25-26

So I’ll take each second of this moment treasuring these faces smothered in ketchup, these voices talking just a little too loud, these hands…these not so tiny hands anymore… that still grasp mine as we cross streets and into new adventures and I breathe a prayer that this will be the year, the year where joy comes in the morning. Where I cherish  the common and slow the sacred. Where laughter wakes the day and chocolate chip pancakes are the reason to whirl early out of bed and requests for sparkly hair is a light burden…even if you’re tripping late to the school bus. The year where we say yes to more and no to less and never lose sight that failure is always the door to a second chance and you can always always have courage to try one more time. I want to love without fear of it getting messy, hope relentlessly and believe that each day is a gift because I know all too soon in a blink…it will be gone.


3 thoughts on “For when the days are long…

  1. The children grow so quickly and life is a blur. Take solace that you are there with them giving them all your heart and time and love. You do the best you can and that is enough!

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