A Prayer When Fear Would Consume

imageFather my soul waits for you more than those who watch for the morning. In you there is peace. In me there is anxiety and despair. I am counted among those who go down to the pit; I am like one without strength. Instead of eyeing you at every turn I run ahead into shadows where you are not leading. It is more than I can bear. Save me from myself!

For you are my Shepherd. By you, and in you and through you all things hold together.  In your presence is life and love and fear has no home. Restore in me the joy of your salvation. I will lay down in peace and sleep knowing that it is you who makes me dwell in safety and in this moment where fear would consume I believe that you do all things well.blog cover picphoto(41)


2 thoughts on “A Prayer When Fear Would Consume

  1. I find that following the Lords word is a private matter and on a spiritual plane of its own.
    If I am on the human plane that is often in the pit then the days are long and the anxiety high. I describe the human plane as always trying to keep others happy with non ending demands and wishes of my energy and spirit. one has to learn to say NO
    to human demands at times and not feel guilty about it!. We cannot always be a light
    to others on a human plane. One needs time to follow their interior compass of spirituality and not being held in the pit of darkness, shadows , and anxiety and know
    that it is OK! Praise the Lord!

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