How To Say Thanks

How do you say thanks when your heart is bursting over? When a thousand gifts and more have made you drunk on life? When you know the pit of despair well enough to realize you’ve been rescued and freed from a prison holding you fast? When you’ve been given a new lease on life and it’s one you thought could never be yours? I’m talking years of living the same old same way. Struggling to subsist, unearthing, eeking out joy from the bottom barrel all the while flailing and failing and learning that if first you don’t succeed it’s ok to try again because mercies are new in the morning. And it all became so second fiddle that there were moments when by grace and the sovereign hand of God I was able to say yes…yes to it all and know that contentment is grown in the waiting. But this? Never in the million prayers and buckets of tears did I ever hope to arrive here to this glorious place of goodness and I am laid low. Humbled because I don’t deserve any of it and yet I have been lavished by countless graces and more. It’s the shower of blessings that this heart can’t contain so I gasp and ask to remember to breathe and the tears of joy flow because this journey’s been long and the end…for this leg…has arrived and I cannot contain it all. So I write it here on paper and in my soul because I know this too is a season and there will be trails of tears ahead and more suffering and sojourning through valleys to reach green pastures and I don’t want to forget, I don’t want to grow cold to all that has been given by the Greatest Giver of all gifts and most importantly I don’t want to miss Jesus.

I don’t know what season you are in or where you maybe headed friend but He does and I promise that there is hope because He is Hope; a light at the end of it all because He is the light of the world and He is leading the way. We may not understand His ways but He knows the way for us and he does all things well. I do know that the wisdom, patience, perseverance, compassion and courage we uncover along the way are all mined in the dark spaces of our lives and are priceless treasures to be cherished and held close…gems one can’t buy with all the gold in the world. They are what beautifies us because Jesus is beautiful and He works all for our good to make us like Him.

So for tonight I’ll dance a little lighter, cram in as many giggles and trysts and moonlight walks this body can hold and I’ll say thanks by living full, making the moments count for Him because that is all we really have…the right here, the now…TODAY.


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