Friends, food and Chicken Tacos

chicken tacosSo I have a confession.  I collect recipes like my little man collects bugs and my girls collect bracelets and my husband collects books and there is something sacred in each one that has come from a friend.  Behind the ingredients and the set of directions there’s a memory of a meal shared, an event celebrated, or an offering given during a desperate plea for help and those who have come to the door with bags in hand and food brimmed high know the way to this girl’s heart. For each meal (and there are more in the past five years than I will ever be able to count) mattered. It blessed.  It covered tears and fears and pain with a warm blanket and said you are loved, you will be ok and yes this too shall pass because the worst is always over in 24 hours. And then we moved and left all those dear ones behind and each time I pull out a recipe I remember and I say a prayer that they will be blessed in return for the joy that was showered.

This girl doesn’t really feel at home though until there is that one meal, that one friend that says everything HE’S been saying all along. You are not alone in this trial, I am with you all the way. Tomorrow is coming.  This came in the form of dear April several months back who showed up at the door, me delirious from anesthesia and my family weary from nursing after the dreaded bronchoscopy and brought this and armfuls of love and prayers and well wishes…and brownies! (Never forget the brownies for they go great with this meal.)

I pulled out this recipe to make for the first time tonight and gave thanks in the shredding of meat and the pouring of sauce for new friends reminding us of old promises.  HE truly goes with us into new lands, into new spaces, new homes and always forever shows up.

This recipe is so delicious and incredibly easy.  It truly is a wonderful way to end a day’s sojourn or begin a new one whatever leg of the journey you may be on.

April’s Chicken Tacos

6 boneless skinless thighs (I used 6 bone-in chicken leg quarters because that’s what was in freezer and I pulled skin off before cooking)

2 cans tomatoes with green chilies (I used mild for the kids)

1 packet taco seasoning

Place all in the crock pot and cook on low until you can shred the meat (7-9 hours) or you can cook it like I did in a Dutch oven at 300 for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I then took out the chicken which was falling off the bone, stripped the meat and added it back to the pot.

Serve on your favorite taco skin with all the toppings you love. A chipotle ranch goes nicely with this as well. I can see turning these into amazing nachos or even a taco salad. Enjoy!


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