With Fear and Trembling


I did it! I did this AND my VOICE.DIDN’T.EVEN.SHAKE! You know those mountains that wake you? Your greatest fear looming? The thing that winds you in therapy that you work through and talk through (far too much) and write it all out down to the last jot and tittle and stay up far too late in a cold sweat stuck in each scary scenario? Yeah, it was THAT one and I’m not gonna lie. It wasn’t without a lot of knee bending (and trembling) and placing fear in the right place.  In the One who is to be feared because He has all the wisdom and the power and it is now behind me.  HISTORY.  I MADE IT…no WE made it togetherand it did not destroy me.  Instead it shaped me a little more out of myself and more into Him and somehow I know that it’s the beginnings of deeper trust and I can walk through this the next time stronger, more confident, wiser and a little bit more like Jesus.  I am growing.

Sojourn on friend!  Face those fears with truth because that’s the only way to ever do battle and you never know, they may wind up being your greatest blessings yet!


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