Dumplings and Chocolate

“Mom, why haven’t we had dumplings lately?”

“I don’t know little man.  Do you want some?”

“Yes! I love them. (Now THIS is news to me! Mental note to remind myself that we can attempt them again at home without a fling and throw yourself on the floor battle…maybe?)

“Remember when I tried them last? I hated them.”

“Oh yes, I remember that time dear son…very well.” (And it was at a dear friend’s house and I was nearly humiliated to dust with your rantings and tears over how awful they were when everyone else was gulping them down, only I didn’t say this to you.)

“Mom, what are dumplings?” (It has me wondering at this point in the conversation if we really are on the same page.  Perhaps he’s thinking of something else?)

“They are kind of like a thick noodle only shaped like a ball.”

“Well I don’t like the name.”

“What do you think they should be called?” (I’m very much holding my breath at this point.)

“Chocolate….or maybe candy.  I like candy.” (And we ALL kn0w that my dear little man, we all know that.)


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