What You Need To Remember Most About Love

So we had Easter (one of the best ever as I feel we might.just.have.really captured what it is all about this time..perhaps?), and then delightful visitors and a cold or two in between to fight off (MY BODY DID IT THIS TIME FOR THE FIRST EVER IN YEARS WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS???!!!! NOW THAT’S SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE) and then more visitors coming and before I knew it days have passed without a post.  So before it becomes a week I wanted to say hello to all of you out there and let you know I haven’t forgotten. It’s just that this sojourn of ours does get a little messy and busy and it can all add up to a lot of cacophony which often leads to knees bent seeking forgiveness.  And THIS is what I don’t want to ever stop doing in the middle of it all.  Take a minute friends and read one of my favorite writer’s thoughts on all things marriage and the life that happens in between because as Ann Voskamp says “Love is more than simply a warm feeling, love is ultimately a daily forgiving.”


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