A Prayer As You Send Your Child Off For Testing

imageAs these ones we’ve born, we’ve carried and cried over and sung songs into the night to still their racing hearts; as they pick up pen and pencil, as the screen stares and questions emerge be their strength. Grace them with your presence.  May they collect all their thoughts in you, taking each one captive to the truth that they are more than the scores of a test. That character and praising lives and hearts won for you are what really matters. That it’s not performance that wins your love, because that road will only lead to bloody bruises and broken hearts with trying and failing again and again for perfection, but rather your grace that covers and completes and puts lives back together as all the pieces are laid before you. Remind them they are loved, more valuable than gold, that every hair on their head is numbered by the God who formed each intricate part of their precious bodies.  Give them courage to leap into the unknown because failure is just another opportunity for redemption and you are the God of second chances. Still their minds on you the Shepherd of all lost and weary and stumbling blind sheep.


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