Less Is Really More

Why is it that I forever want more? More space for just me time without kids bickering and demanding sacrificial living. More money to worry less about the future. More talent and I’ll rise to the top. Just One.More.Clothing item and my closet will be set. More time, more friends, more (and the blank is yours to fill) and this crater sized hole in the soul will be filled. Really? Is that really what you believe Joanna? If so you’ve been searching for an awful long time and it hasn’t ever done it yet for you.

And then I see pictures and read stories of those with less and my heart is cut in two and I long for contentment, for the satisfied life. To be grateful for less so I can give more. To cease from this exhausted state of gathering and striving and find rest.

It’s here I find it, almost as if it’s written in red just for me. I read it long and slow. Breathe in each word. This now the prayer of my life:

Why is everyone hungry for more? “More, more,” they say “more, more.”

I have God’s more-than-enough,

More joy in one ordinary day. Psalm 4

Ahhh, joy in the ordinary not the unattainable or the cream of the crop or everything I don’t yet have. And when I need less I become full of God for He is more than enough. I think I get it, and I know I’ll forget, but for now I’m drinking deep basking in the here, the now, the given.


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