The Way Back Home

The way back home is hard.

I want to stay and cling to the familiar, all that we knew for so many years. And you can’t just pack your heart up with your luggage when you’re leaving bits of it behind with beautiful people. To love is to be willing to have your heart broken in a million pieces. So if it hurts to say goodbye you’ve found something precious to cherish, to miss.

And oh how I’ll miss these souls that have prayed and cheered and seen beauty from ashes before we did. Who believed in miracles when we dared not whisper them. I know tomorrow will be easier and brighter because home, this home, is a gift beyond words. But today in the middle of Mount Laundry, allergy shots, grocery shopping, meal planning that stretches for miles, and a sick child tears flow and all I can muster is His name…and yet even in that there is praise.

And then there’s this one of a kind friend who shows up tonight with watermelon and hugs and I know, I just know, tomorrow is going to be beautiful.


4 thoughts on “The Way Back Home

  1. You bless my socks off! Seeing you for such a short time has made me yearn to see you all again very soon. I miss you my friend and think of you like one of my daughters or daughters in law (since I have daughters on law.

  2. Love is willing to have your heart broken in a million pieces but know you have a home when you mention his name, Jesus. Thank you Lord for brining me to my new home for you knew what was best for me! Praise the Lord, Amen!

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