In Case You’re Wondering…


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I come from sweaty brows and upturned earth.  From berry patches and patched clothes and parching thirst with draughts of cold sweet tea.

I come from drinking deep of Dickens and Dickinson while traipsing through trails of trees along old babbling streams.  I come from singing long into the night and stepping out under full moons to hide and seek in evening dew.  From setting camp on shores of Lake Superior, bicycles, paper routes, paper dolls and piano concerts to the least of these.  From old-fashioned ice cream makers, made from scratch bread, made from scratch everything and pressure canners humming long into the night.

I come from hymn singing, Bible breathing, we’re not afraid to say it loud and go the extra mile kind of folk.  I come from there’s always an extra seat at the table and no one is too low for love and prayer is not something you do…it’s what you wear.

I come from truth-telling, big family, big dreams, bigger hearts and tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.  And when you can’t find me? Look in a meadow all grown tall with wildflowers.  I’m most likely fixing a vase for the table with the extra seat.

So where do you come from?



4 thoughts on “In Case You’re Wondering…

  1. From floors made sticky by harvesting the love from countless worker bees.
    From earthy smells of fresh dug potatoes strewn across wooden barn floors – waiting until they dry to be sorted and crated.
    From a family filled with the laughter and love of mother and father.

    Ah, yes, sweet Joanna, it is good to reminisce. God has given us an incredible heritage. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joanna comes from simple times and hard working people with lots of love to share! Joanna has passed her childhood memories into action with her own sweet girls picking berries and enjoying ice tea and lots of love for others! Her family loves what God has provided and things life has to offer

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