Just What Every Holiday Table Needs

Every year like clock work she’d pull out the hand crank grinder weathered dull by time and use. We’d pour in cranberries and turn, crimson spilling the bowl full. Sisters near quartering oranges and apples adding to the berries until the room wafted bright of citrus oils while we sang Over the River and Through the Woods, only we knew grandmother was coming to our house not us to hers. Sometimes snow danced and other times just bare branches with a few lone leaves, but whatever the weather we’d have this to grace our table.

imageYears later, and with another generation, I pull food processor off the shelf throwing in the same tantalizing ingredients. And this heart bursts full with each bite. Memories in every spoonful.


Cranberry Salad

1 bag of whole cranberries

1 orange quartered, rind on

1-2 apples cored and quartered (I like Granny Smith or honey crisp or a combo)

1/2-3/4 cup of sugar to taste

Place all the ingredients in the food processor except the sugar, and pulse until the right consistency. Some like it fairly chunky and others like me prefer it finely chopped but not puréed. Add your sugar and pulse to incorporate. Store in the fridge for at least 12 hours before serving to chill and flavors to marinate. Serve cold with turkey or any chicken dish….or by itself a spoonful at a time.


4 thoughts on “Just What Every Holiday Table Needs

  1. I made 4 batches of this goodness last week. The Bosch grinder worked great for this. Why do we only make this at Thanksgiving?
    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Carol

    • That’s awesome! We have started making it more often throughout the winter as the kids love it! I’m so glad they do too as I know it is good for what ails ‘ya ;). Sending love to you all!

    • You are SO welcome! Wish that we could sit down over a holiday dinner and share it together. Thanking the Lord for dear friends like you! ❤

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