When You Feel You Failed At Lent

Sometimes the journey of Lent isn’t wrapped up nice in a devotional with morning coffee.

Sometimes it’s about living it.

About allowing your knees to get bloodied as you crawl broken to the cross just as you are.

About realizing surrender is self denial.  That everything you can’t control is what makes Him in charge.

Because “earth has no sorrow that heaven can’t heal.”

And that my friend is why we wait for Easter.

And why it’s OK when our Lent looks nothing like a neat packaged up meditational series of moments.  Perhaps those moments upon moments gasping for mercy….grasping for grace really are what journeying to the cross looks like.

A death to self…the reaching towards resurrection.


2 thoughts on “When You Feel You Failed At Lent

  1. Dear Joanna,
    I learned at Easter Mass Today to be joyous of our beautiful gathering at Church and all the people wishing to be closer to Jesus and forgiven of their sins. The struggles to be close to Jesus are often bloody and complicated but they are OUR BATTLES !!
    Praise the LORD !!!

  2. Yes my dear friend! And for a those of us longing to be close to Jesus he whispers come to me. With all your burdens come and I will give you rest! Love you friend!!

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