Joanna Euans I am a writer, musician, mother, wife. I love people, poetry, nature, music, books, flowers,   food….things that make your heart rush with its beauty. On good days I like to think I am someone who has the energy to raise three crazy beautiful and creative kids, cook lots, keep the house on some kind of schedule while doing my best to love my husband well. Mostly on other days I am hanging tight to the grace that holds me together. I have learned in the middle of many health challenges and changing of directions, parenting through rough and gentle seas that life is not about the destination, but purpose and joy is found along the journey. In the meantime I chart my successes and cry over the losses all the while knowing that He who started a good work in me will be faithful to complete it.

Thanks for sojourning with me as we discover together beauty from ashes through written words, recipes and original music. I will be posting weekly and earnestly pray this is an encouragement to your heart as much as it is to mine. God’s blessings dear sojourner on our way to a better land! ~Joanna


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