A Hot Mess

I’ve always said I was a hot mess and my husband blushingly smiled as I poked him into admitting it the other night (and the amazing thing he still loves me anyways). Yeah I’m the one with hairs hanging from moles I’ve forgot to pluck until they’re long enough to spy without magnifying glasses. The one who throws checkbooks away with the mail flyers and texts the wrong people strange messages. Who exasperates my kids with far too many lectures, cringes at the thought of playing Legos (working through this one currently), cries at the drop of a hat and is distressed that grey (gasp) hair is beginning to fill in at the crown of my head. So I must admit I was pretty relieved when I read this today:

“Use all your skill to put me together, I wait to see your finished product.” Psalm 25:21

Sighing sweet surrender over here in the mountains tonight cause I know it’s gonna take everything He’s got to do something amazing with me. So glad I’m a work in progress because tonight I just feel like a weary pilgrim scrimping by.┬áMaybe a sign like “CAUTION GOD WORKING” wouldn’t be such a bad thing to wear…or the lens by which to view all the others in my life who are in a hot mess too. All I know is patience is being grown as I wait for this Artist to complete His masterpiece…and He’s got a LONG way to go and I don’t want to wait another day, but I will.