Hey friend! We made it to a Friday and sometimes it’s worth throwing housework to the wind for a mental health day. Or for crying babies or the kid that always throws a temper tantrum at the most inconvenient times (of course)!


imageAnd for the first time I’m not going to feel guilty about it. In fact I’m celebrating! ‘Cause you know what? It’s not the tidiness they’ll remember. They’ll remember the times that you took to sit on the floor with your sobbing pre-teen to sort out all this hormone messiness, or turned on The Little Rascals in black and white for the one who needed time with mom, or that they saw you talk with the neighbor instead of finishing dishes just because. It’s time we choose love over lists.

My sister says it’s Popsicles were raising. One more lick and they’ll be gone. It all goes by so fast. So go out there and seize these moments with grace. You’ll never regret it and there’s always tomorrow for that neat little house you’re dreaming of.