A Prayer for When You Read the Headlines

Nothing like waking to the day and finding no new news. It’s the same variation as yesterday: nations warring, plane missing, explosions, accidents leaving dear ones dead and mangled, anger escalating into raw violence and the heartbreaking list goes on and on.

And then there’s this dear friend who’s family is living daily life in uncertainty as the powers that be play out in Ukraine and I don’t even know how or what to pray. Do you feel it too? This ache of the world? This groaning for Someone to set it all right? To right the wrongs and comfort the mourning. To rescue the afflicted under tyrants rule and bring peace that flourishes under the sun. And I know that day is coming when He will come back and set it all straight, but until then I pray and I wait because I know we serve a God who listens, who hears, who says I will enter the hovels of the poor, I will come and heal the ache in the heart of the forlorn. Even so Lord, come quickly and 

“Let righteousness burst into blossom and peace abound until the moon fades to nothing. Rule from sea to sea , from the River to the Rim.” Psalm 72


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